Fly Tipping

Fly Tipping in Hertfordshire & Buckinghamshire

Fly-tipping is illegal and can have devastating effects to the environment. It can occur from many sources; from a member of the public leaving a bin bag or other materials, through to a professional waste clearance company disposing of a lorry load of waste. This can often damage your day-to-day operations, cause your property to look unsightly and also put the general public at harm.

At A.MAC Grab Hire, our team of professionals will work efficiently and effectively to solve this for you. Once you have been in touch with one of our experts, our team will be out to the fly-tipping site and collect the materials. Our experts have all been trained to dispose of all types of materials and will collect them in the safest manner possible. After the collection stage has been completed, our professionals will then dispose of the materials following the most environmentally friendly methods.

We work closely with the local council and have been approved as official collection agency for all fly-tipping waste around the local area because of our efficiency and conviction to our work.

Government Contracts

Due to our close connection with the local council, our team of professionals are ready to carry out any government contract. All of our collections will be carried out with professionalism and efficiency; we are committed to ensuring the materials are disposed of correctly.

Hazardous Waste

Often fly-tipped materials can be hazardous and require specialist attention to safety to dispose of them. Our team of highly trained professionals have the skills and knowledge to dispose of these materials correctly. They use the safest methods to collect and dispose of them in most environmentally friendly ways.

Abandoned Caravans & Vehicles

At A.MAC Grab Hire we have the facilities and equipment to even dispose of abandoned caravans & vehicles. We will expertly break down the vehicle and recycle as many materials as possible before crushing it down and disposing of it correctly.

What can we do?

  • Top Soil
  • Pea Shingle
  • 20mm Stone
  • Sand & Ballast
  • Bark Chippings
  • Child friendly bark chippings